Our new, modern facility was designed and equipped to handle virtually any conversion processing requirement. From surface grinders capable of handling rounds, ingots, bars and slabs, to saw cutting operations, Shasta offers complete “one-stop” conversion processing services.

  1. Grinding

    Metal Bars undergoing grinding

    Our custom-designed Mid-West grinders provide the capability of eliminating surface defects on the surface of slabs, rounds, billets, blooms and ingots. Track type grinders and flexible workstations allow us to handle the largest possible range of sizes.

    Shasta’s experienced personnel and quality assurance staffs are dedicated to combine the exact abrasives, grinding and polishing techniques required to provide the finish surface you expect. We can provide finishes of 125 RMS or lower.

  2. Saw Cutting

    Frissi Saw

    Shasta offers a complete range of Saw Cutting capabilities, allowing us to cut rounds, billets or slabs into mults, per any customer specification. We offer traditional band saw and abrasive saw cutting. An electric track radiograph can flame cut products into various sizes of bars, billets, plates or sheets.

  3. Turning

    Bar of metal undergoing turning

    A full-range of precision bar turners and lathes allow Shasta to handle a range of products unmatched by most independent converters. We can handle diameters from ½ inch to 28 inches and can turn and polish to the most demanding of tolerances. Microfinishes of 62 RMS or better are attainable in one or more passes.

  4. Testing

    Shasta Services LLC Applying Independent Testing

    Independent testing is an important requirement to assure that many specialty metals are of the
    highest quality.

    Shasta is a leader in non-destructive critical testing and can inspect any specialty metal for surface defects prior to and after conditioning. From rudimentary die-penetrate testing to more advanced procedures, we have the capabilities to assure the integrity of most any product or material. We also provide sonic testing for a wide range of
    specialty metals.

  5. Straightening

    straight steel bars

    Many specialty bar products require straightening after being rolled at the mill. Shasta’s rotary straighteners can take out-of-spec bars to the right dimensions and appearance. Our straighteners are capable of straightening hot or cold flats and rounds.

  6. Centerless Grinding

    Metal Pipes that have been ground to fit

    For more demanding applications, Shasta’s Centerless Grinding Operations ensure extremely close finished dimensions and mirror-like brightness. Geared to capacities of up to four-inch rounds, Shasta can attain RMS of 20 or better within tolerances of .003 inch.

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